Friday April 16 2021
Armed men robbed Smalling’s home

Three armed men robbed Chris Smalling’s home in Rome last night, forcing the defender to open the safe and give them a Rolex and jewels.

Smalling was not available for Roma’s Europa League quarter-finals second leg against Ajax last night due to an injury.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, he and his family were sleeping when three armed and masked men broke into their property in Rome.

The burglars forced Smalling to open the safe and give them Rolex, jewels and other precious objects. Smalling’s wife and the their two-year-old son Sam were also at home.

According to the report, the wife of the former Manchester United defender called the Police at 5am. The authorities are investigating while Roma are ready to support their defender in "any possible way," reports La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Back in November, Paulo Fonseca’s home was also robbed, but neither the coach nor his family were at home in that moment.