Friday April 16 2021
Inzaghi: 'Simone might not be there'

Benevento coach Filippo Inzaghi hopes his brother and Lazio coach Simone ‘will be there’ when the two teams clash on Sunday.

The Streghe prepare for a tough match against Lazio, when the two Inzaghi brothers clash at the

“The players decide,” Inzaghi said at a press conference. “They have to show me they are OK, then we’ll decide.

“We have three games in seven days, so we will need everyone. I will decide based on who is better off.

“It’s not the form that wins us games, but the attitude we have against Juventus, Parma and Sassuolo.”

His brother Simone tested positive for COVID-19 on April 7 and Pippo said he might be absent due to the current situation.

“I hope he will be there,” The Benevento coach said. “There’s a possibility that he won’t due to COVID.

“I would be very sorry, but now the most important thing is health. I hope to see him recovered, but beyond that, it’s always an exciting and very difficult game.”

Benevento sit 16th in the League and have an eight-point gap down to Cagliari in the relegation zone, but Inzaghi wants to ‘take one game at a time’.

“I don’t worry much about what awaits us,” he said. “I’m focused on my team and having the whole squad is an advantage.

“Let’s take one game at a time, starting with Sunday’s match, which will be very difficult. The team believe in it.”