Saturday April 17 2021
Smalling: 'Shaken, but luckily unharmed'

Roma defender Chris Smalling thanks everyone for their support after his family was ‘very shaken up and luckily unharmed’ at being held at gunpoint in their own home.

The incident occurred on Thursday night at circa 4am local time in their villa in Rome.

There were three thieves who broke into the house and held Smalling, his wife and their young child at gunpoint, forcing him to open a safe and hand over valuables.

“I’d like to thank everyone for your well wishes and support!” wrote Smalling on social media this morning.

“My family although very shaken up are luckily unharmed! Hoping these people can find a more meaningful way to live their lives without causing such harm and distress to others.”

There has been a spate of home invasions targeting football players and their families recently in Italy, England and France.