Saturday April 17 2021
Ballardini: 'Genoa risk embarrassment at Milan'

Genoa coach Davide Ballardini warns they ‘risk getting embarrassed’ at San Siro if they don’t play at their best against Milan.

It kicks off on Sunday at 11.30 UK time (10.30 GMT), click here for a match preview.

“The way to face Milan is to stay in good shape, play a great game. If you are not fully focused and at your best, you risk getting embarrassed,” the coach told the official Genoa website.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic sits out the game with a ban, but Ballardini is not taking anything for granted.

“His absences changes very little for Milan. Ibrahimovic is such an important player for this team that his influence is felt even when he is not playing. This is a very different Milan to the one we faced last year just before the lockdown, as back then, you could’ve happily changed the entire line-up. Nobody was performing well, then it all changed and they’ve had some extraordinary results.

“Milan are second in the table and have had some great games this season too. Perhaps they do better away from home because there are more spaces for them to work in.”

Genoa have another two very big games coming up with the midweek round against Benevento and then Spezia in the fight to avoid relegation.

“We are taking it one game at a time, so we’ll start thinking about Benevento only after this match.”