Thursday March 22 2012
Cagliari versus Ballardini

Cagliari and former Coach Davide Ballardini are locked in a legal battle over a technicality relating to his dismissal just over 10 days ago.

Ballardini was brought in for a third spell with the Sardinian outfit last November, but after results took a turn for the worse he was removed from his position and replaced by Massimo Ficcadenti, the man he had in fact replaced those few months before.

As L’Unione Sarda reports, the day after seeing Ficcadenti take over from him, Ballardini received a letter from the club serving notice that they would be dismissing him for ‘just cause’.

Normally clubs remove Coaches but place them on gardening leave, explaining why sometimes - as in Ficcadenti’s case - Coaches often return to a club inside a short period of time.

Cagliari’s action with Ballardini, however, is intended to cancel his contract. The exact details of their ‘just cause’ for intending to do so have not yet been publicised, whilst Ballardini remains silent on the issue himself.

At the moment, the club are not paying their former Coach, ahead of both parties stating their case in front of an employment tribunal. Ballardini’s contract signed was meant to take him to the end of the 2012-13 season, so the dispute is worth around €1.8m in wages.

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