Monday April 19 2021
Rossi lashes out against Super League

Former Serie A and Italy star Giuseppe Rossi says the owners of the 12 Super League clubs ‘only care about their pocket’ and hits back at fans supporting the new competition.

The former Genoa and Fiorentina retweeted a Sky Sports video where Gary Neville said he is ashamed by Manchester United and Liverpool and called the Super League “a criminal act.”

“Well said Gary. Absolute JOKE!!!” Rossi wrote.

Another tweet from the ex-Italy striker followed that.

“Who else thinks this Super League b******t is a joke??? I’m hoping every soccer/football fan in the world realizes how damaging this is to our game.”

It got almost 1,000 retweets and more than 100 comments with Rossi, who actively joined the conversation with his followers.

A user commented: “I think it will be superb. Why should the big clubs subsidize the rest forever. Live within your own means. Case in point the Europa Conference League, which is just a ridiculous joke.”

“Then you got no idea what this game is truly about. And you’re ok to compromise the integrity of the game for €€€. You’re the problem then,” Rossi replied.

“The foundation the game is built on will be compromised and won’t be the same. Football is more than money. It’s about the love and passion for the game,” he wrote in another tweet.