Monday April 19 2021
Gravina speaks out against Super League

FIGC President Gabriele Gravina speaks out against the Super League: 'It damages European football.'

Gravina is attending the UEFA Executive Committee in Montreux today and confirmed the FIGC firmly stands against the project of a Super League, which had been announced by 12 European clubs, including Juventus, Inter and Milan, on Sunday.

Here's what we know about the Super League so far and today's latest updates.

"I repeat our no to the Super League. The only reform possible is the one born from the UEFA proposal on the Champions League, any attempt to escape is not permissible and damages European football,” Gravina commented.

“Joining this project puts the clubs outside the context recognized by FIFA.

"The sporting and cultural heritage of the individual competitions represents an added value for any international tournament.

We want to defend the sporting merit and the opportunity for each team to pursue a great dream, together with its supporters.

"Football belongs to fans but must be modernized, not distorted. Football is about participating and sharing, not an elite club."

An emergency Lega Serie A meeting is ongoing and Juventus, Inter and Milan are attending it, according to Sky Sport Italia.