Monday April 19 2021
Leeds players wear shirts against Super League

Leeds players are wearing shirts against the Super League during the warmup against Liverpool, but Jurgen Klopp didn't take it too well.

Liverpool are one of the 12 clubs that announced the Super League on Sunday.

Serie A sides Juventus, Inter and Milan are also among the founding members.

Leeds United are wearing shirts against the Super League during the warmup.

“We will try to focus on the game. I heard that there are warmup shirts. We will not wear them, we cannot,” Liverpool boss Jurgen Klop commented, according to The Guardian.

“But if somebody thinks they have to remind us that you have to earn the right to play in the Champions League, that’s a joke, a real joke, and it makes me angry. They have put them in our dressing-room. If it was Leeds’ idea, thank you very much. Nobody has to remind us, maybe they should remind themselves.”

Klopp had said in 2019 the Super League “will never happen,” and apparently he hasn’t changed his mind.

“My feelings about a Super League haven’t changed. I heard about it for the first time yesterday. We’ve got some information, not a lot to be honest. It’s a tough one. People are not happy, I can understand that, but I cannot say a lot more because we were not involved in any processes: not the players, not me. We will have to wait and see how it develops,” he said before this evening’s clash against Leeds.

“I have no issues with the Champions League. I like the competitive aspect of football. I like the fact that West Ham can play in the Champions League next year – I don’t want them to, because we want to qualify, but I like that they have the chance.

“What can I say? It’s really not easy. What I want to say is that Liverpool Football Club is much more than some decisions. The most important parts of football are the supporters and the team. We have to make sure nothing gets inbetween that. I’ve heard there are banners at Anfield and stuff like this - I don’t understand that because the players didn’t do anything wrong. We have to all stick together. When other people from other clubs use our anthem against us I don’t like that as well. We can show that nobody has to walk alone in this moment.

“There are things we have to sort, obviously, but it’s nothing to do with the relationship between the supporters and the team. Again, the boys didn’t do anything wrong apart from not winning some football games and I want to make sure that everybody knows that.

“I understand the frustration, I get that, but I’m in a different position. I don’t have all the information. I don’t know exactly why the six clubs did it... It’s always more games, more games. If you say it’s about money for the clubs. What do you think it’s about for Uefa and Fifa? Money, nothing else. Things will change and some things have to change, but usually you have to prepare these things.”