Monday April 26 2021
FIGC meets to discuss the Super League

The Federal Council meets today to discuss the Super League and could reportedly strengthen the rules and obligations of loyalty to UEFA competitions.

At 10.00 UK time the Federal Council meets in a videoconference for the first time since the Super League chaos and the reaction to Inter, Juventus and Milan trying to break away will be on the agenda.

The FIGC announced it will also discuss the National Licences for 2021-22, regulatory changes, appointment of Sports Justice bodies, and Lega Pro’s request to designate fourth official referees for the Supercoppa Serie C 2020-21. reports the Council will possibly strengthen the rules and obligations of loyalty to UEFA competitions already present in the Federal Statute.

A precautionary rule will reportedly be brought to the attention of the federal councillors that, once approved, could provide for the exclusion from the federal championships through the mechanism of national licences.

The clubs that decide in the future to join competitions not recognised by the UFEA and FIFA, could thus be sanctioned.

The meeting will also react to the request from Serie A clubs regarding President Paolo Dal Pino’s resignation.

Meanwhile, UEFA continues to study how to move forward and punish the rebel clubs, divided into three different categories by President Aleksander Ceferin.

There are no specific articles that prohibit the establishment of the Super League, however the clubs involved are guilty of the attempt to betray principles and rules and this could lead to fines.

Individual sanctions against managers of the clubs involved could lead to suspensions or inhibitions that will remove political weight in the future.

The new format of the Champions League has been widely contested by coaches and players and could be amended.