Monday April 26 2021
Juve, Madrid and Barcelona to face toughest Super League sanctions

La Gazzetta dello Sport claims Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus will suffer the most severe punishments after the breakaway Super League announcement.

The newspaper analyses the situation linked to the Super League and the possible sanctions UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin has in mind for the clubs involved.

The UEFA chief spoke to the Daily Mail about punishments based on the degree of involvement and thus the English clubs will be treated with the most indulgence.

Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus are the three clubs expected to receive the most severe punishments, as they haven't officially pulled out of the project, while for Atletico Madrid, Milan and Inter, there will be a middle ground.

“Everyone must be held accountable differently,” the UEFA President confirmed.

At the moment, there’s no article that prohibits the establishment of a Super League, but the UEFA evaluates the next steps and fines are highly likely, because the clubs involved are reportedly guilty of the attempt to betray principles and rules.