Monday April 26 2021
Gravina wants Serie A Scudetto play-offs

FIGC President Gabriele Gravina is pushing ahead with Serie A reforms, including Scudetto play-offs and a relegation play-out, while ownership of more than one club will be banned.

The Federation chief also spoke about the Super League, confirming anyone who is still signed up to a private tournament in June will not be allowed to register for the new Serie A season.

Meanwhile, Gravina and the Lega Serie A continue to discuss other reforms to make Serie A more appetising to fans and businesses.

“The format has to take into account a reduction of teams. It’s no mystery that I am in favour of play-offs and play-outs for Scudetto and relegation,” Gravina told reporters today.

“I hear that the Premier League are considering these ideas too. I hope to at least stimulate some reflection in the our football world. We will discuss all of them as part of a general reform.

“We cannot wait another year, we need the first step of approval by the components by May 30, so we can finalise the details by the end of the 2021-22 campaign.”

There are other reforms already at work, including the modification of multiple ownership.

“We modified two rules, one of which we had pledged to do in 2018. The first will ban the ownership of more than one club in the football world, professional or amateur. Obviously, this safeguards those that have already under control.”

The most notable issues are Aurelio De Laurentiis, who owns Napoli and Bari, while Claudio Lotito owns Lazio and Salernitana.

“The other rule is a process of verifying ownership in clubs and there will be penalties for lying about the situation, up to and including exclusion from the league.”

Meanwhile, the FIGC is also working with the Government to open up the stadiums again to some fans.

The original plan to open from May 1 has been postponed by the Technical Scientific Committee to June 1, but there could be some leeway.

“We presented a request for a partial opening to the fans for important events in May, such as the Coppa Italia Final.”

That will be between Atalanta and Juventus at the Mapei Stadium in Reggio Emilia on May 19.