Tuesday April 27 2021
Costacurta: ‘Chelsea the best Champions League defence’

Milan legend Alessandro Costacurta believes Chelsea have the best defence among the Champions League semi-finalists: 'They can create trouble for anyone.'

Thomas Tuchel’s side face the Merengues away in the first leg of the Champions League semi-finals today.

It kicks off at 20.00 GMT.

“I think Chelsea have the best defensive line in Europe,” Costacurta told Sky Sport Italia.

“The move well, they are good both individually and as a department with Thiago Silva, Azpilicueta and Rudiger. In a way, they have the most reliable defence among the Champions League semi-finalists,” the former defender told Sky Sport Italia.

“The rest of the team is a bit different. In other teams, there are stars, Chelsea have some too, but they are not shining at the moment.

“Therefore, this team can create trouble for other clubs.

“Tuchel has found the most suitable playing style for this team. He’s been pragmatic and the results prove it. They can be devastating in open spaces, despite having attacking players who haven’t been as convincing as those at the back.”