Thursday April 29 2021
Ribalta: 'Long-term project at Parma'

Parma are on the verge of relegation, but rebuilding with President Kyle Krause and new director of sport Javier Ribalta. ‘There’s a long-term project here.’

The Ducali went bankrupt in 2015 and fought their way back to Serie A, but are now in the bottom two and heading for the drop.

Krause was present at the press conference this afternoon, with new Managing Directors: Javier Ribalta for the Sports area and Jaap Kalma for the Corporate area.

“Beyond our results on the field, my passion for Parma Calcio and the city has not diminished,” said the President.

“I will never be lacking in commitment to this Club, and there will always be something continually fuelling my passion. I think we needed two leaders like these two to build our future.”

Although Ribalta is Spanish, he was poached from Zenit St Petersburg, having previously worked in the scouting systems of Torino, Milan, Novara, Juventus and Manchester United.

“I’d like to thank the President for this opportunity because, irrespective of the current situation, this is a great Club,” said Ribalta.

“It’s a Club that wants to build something important. I think that everybody wants to grow. From what I’ve seen, there’s a long-term project here and I decided to be part of it.

“I’ve worked in various countries and have spent many years in Italy. I won’t just have one model of reference. Every club is different, and it doesn’t make any sense to copy or try to imitate others. However, it does make sense to aim to replicate the best aspects and apply them here.

“As is the case in all divisions, you need strong players in Serie B. It’s a unique league, we know what we have to do to win it: I’ve perhaps seen more Serie B matches than games in the Italian top flight. Should we be relegated, we’ll consider it a small step backwards on our way to moving forward.

“The Club will have a clear approach irrespective of the league we’re in. Whether we’re relegated or not will change little when it comes to our project, which is one we’re planning on carrying out over the long term.”