Saturday May 1 2021
Maradona 'left in agony' by medics

An inquest has found Napoli hero Diego Armando Maradona would’ve had ‘a better chance of survival’ if he’d received proper medical care and was left in ‘agony’ for at least 12 hours before his death.

The Argentina legend had just come out of hospital when he died at his home from heart failure in November, aged just 60.

In the months following his death, members of his family and close friends complained that the medical treatment he received was unsuitable to someone in such poor health and that he should’ve remained in the hospital for far longer.

Now the results of an inquest have been published, finding Maradona “would’ve had a better chance of survival” had he received “adequate medical care.”

Instead, the care he received was “inadequate, incomplete and imprudent.”

The ruling found that the personal doctors were “clearly aware that the condition could become fatal,” but were “indifferent to the situation and did not change their approach. They essentially abandoned the health of their patient to pure chance.”

The doctors had insisted Maradona demanded to be released from the hospital and return to his home in Tigres.

However, the inquest ruled that Maradona “was not in full control of his mental faculties” at the time and therefore “was not in a condition to take decisions regarding his health and care.”

The most shocking part of the ruling found that the ambulance was not called until 12 hours after Maradona showed the first signs of organ failure.

“Maradona had started to die at least 12 hours before 12:30 on 25/11/2020, which means he was already showing unequivocal signs of a period of prolonged agony, so we can conclude the patient was not adequately checked before 12:30 on 25/11/2020.