Sunday May 2 2021
Ballardini: ‘Not easy to face Lazio’

Davide Ballardini insists it’s ‘not easy’ to face Lazio and claims Gianluca Scamacca has room for improvement.

The Grifone suffered a 4-3 defeat against Lazio at the Stadio Olimpico today.

"We should have been more focused and compact in the first half. Lazio are feeling well and we noticed it straight away. Today we proved we can be competitive until the very end of every game,” Ballardini told DAZN.

“It’s not easy to play against this kind of teams, we have serious and reliable defenders and we are not concerned about what happened today."

Italy coach Roberto Mancini was in the stands at the Stadio Olimpico and Genoa’s Gianluca Scamacca is rumoured to be one of the players he was scouting.

“He is a strong player, with important qualities, but he is young and has room for improvement,” Ballardini said.

“It’s pleasant to coach a player like him every day.”

Nicolò Rovella is another exciting prospect and has already signed with Juventus.

“He came off the bench and he played an excellent game. He does not surprise me, he has personality but must improve his positioning. Both him and Scamacca are excellent footballers," Ballardini concluded.