Sunday May 2 2021
Conte message to Inter fans who wanted him out

Antonio Conte believes he has won over those Inter fans who ‘turned their noses up at me’ only a few months ago, but won’t commit his future. ‘In the past I got caught up in other problems and didn’t enjoy it enough.’

The last coach to win the Scudetto with both Inter and Juventus was Giovanni Trapattoni.

“I was fortunate to cross paths with Trapattoni and I feel that I might not have done as well as a player or as a coach if I hadn’t worked with him,” Conte told Sky Sport Italia.

“Those who played with Inter or have been a coach at Inter realise it’s a complicated situation. You have to understand the various dynamics, at times play along, but never lose your identity and I never lost my identity.

“I think that was appreciated by those who at first had turned their noses up at me because of my past. I was brought to Inter in order to bring it back to victory within three years and I did that.”

In late November, the hashtag #ConteOut was trending on Twitter, with polls asking whether he should be fired. What does he say to those who voted yes?

“I remain convinced many fans of opposition teams were the ones behind that!”

Despite the title success, Conte is still refusing to comment on whether he will still be at Inter next season.

“We certainly focused on the present, as this was too important to get it done and bring Inter back to winning the Scudetto after so many years out.

“The President has arrived now, there are four games left. As I have more experience, I now also want to enjoy this moment, because in the past I got myself caught up in other problems and didn’t really enjoy it enough.

“There will be time to talk together, to understand the situation, try to organise ourselves and see what comes out of it. However, at the moment, I want to enjoy this with the players, the club, the fans and everyone, because we all earned this. I don’t want anyone to disturb what we achieved.”