Monday May 3 2021
Nicola: 'Well-deserved win'

Torino coach Davide Nicola felt the Granata picked up a ‘well-deserved win’, when they sent Parma down on Monday night.

Mergim Vojvoda scored the only game to secure three points in a 1-0 win over the Crociati and Nicola felt his men followed the plan precisely.

“We had prepared for a game against a team that use physicality and width as their best weapons, with [Andreas] Cornelius and Gervinho, as well as [Juraj] Kucka’s tactical abilities,” Nicola said.

“They’re a team that have character and intensity and if you don’t adapt, it becomes difficult.

“We also wanted to manage the mental energies. Every game can be decisive in this point in the championship.

“In the end, we collected seven chances to score. A well-deserved win.”

Vojvoda became the hero for Toro, as he played instead of Wilfried Singo at right.

“Between suspension and coronavirus, I’m always in the position of having to choose who can give me the most,” he said.

“Singo is doing well and will become a top player in his role, but I’m lucky to have players who know how to take advantage of the opportunities.

“I’m happy for Vojvoda, even if he could exploit that second chance he had better.”

Captain Andrea Belotti had several chances to score and was angry when Nicola decided to replace him with Simone Zaza.

“He’s nervous, but that’s OK with me. I always want ambitions,” Nicola continued. “I think he deserved a goal tonight.

“Belotti is in great shape, we never gave him a chance to catch his breath. I’m happy if he gets angry when he doesn’t score, but I have to protect him, as he’s also on a yellow card.”

Torino sit three points above relegation with one game in hand.