Sunday March 25 2012
Marotta: 'Juve have 29 titles'

Juventus general manager Beppe Marotta confirmed “our position on Calciopoli is rigid and intransigent.”

The choreography ahead of tonight’s big match with Inter represented that position on Calciopoli, as 29 different Scudetto symbols were held up around the Juventus Stadium rather than the ‘official’ 27.

There was also a banner: ‘That which we earned on the pitch with sweat, was handed to you in the courts.’

The Bianconeri had the 2004-05 and 2005-06 titles stripped in the Calciopoli trial, the latter handed to Inter.

“Our position on Calciopoli is rigid and intransigent,” stated Marotta on Sky Sport Italia before kick-off.

“We have 29 Scudetti that were won on the field. This is what we wrote at the entrance to the locker room in our stadium. We simply want our rights to be respected.

“Our response will also be to win on the field. After all, our captains always raised trophies to the sky that were legitimately earned.”