Monday March 26 2012
Room for Del Piero at Napoli

Aurelio De Laurentiis is the latest to weigh in on the debate surrounding Alessandro Del Piero’s future, by opening the door at Napoli.

Del Piero is widely accepted to be his final season at Juventus after they announced late last year that he’d be leaving. However, the veteran’s recent first-team involvement has reopened the discourse over the decision.

Where Atalanta Coach Stefano Colantuono and teammate Giorgio Chiellini have spoken of the possibility of the player remaining with the Old Lady, Napoli President De Laurentiis has offered the 37-year-old a way out - a move to his Vesuviani.

“I’ve always been an admirer, I have contacted him in the past to make a movie,” revealed De Laurentiis to La Repubblica on Monday.

“I love his upbringing and attachment to his shirt. There is always room for him, but if it really depended on me, I would only play youngsters aged 19 and 20.

“Perhaps he would make an extraordinary ‘consultant’ for the club, but I think he would be more willing to do that for Juventus.”

De Laurentiis might get a chance to talk to Del Piero as soon as next weekend, as Napoli travel north to the Juventus stadium to face Antonio Conte’s side in Week 30.

“These are challenges that still excite me, ever since the Birra Moretti Trophy, when we were in Serie C and we met with the Juventus of Luciano Moggi.

“Juve are a great team who never give up, you can understand the attitude of people like Conte and Del Piero - it is because there is a wise and conscientious effort.”