Wednesday March 28 2012
Maradona to visit Napoli next week!

Diego Armando Maradona will “be in town next week, could salute Napoli fans at the San Paolo and will certainly attend the Coppa Italia Final,” said his lawyer.

The former Napoli hero has been unable to set foot on Italian soil for several years due to an unpaid tax bill that he contests, but has hinted he’d like to sort the situation out.

“I talked to him yesterday and can confirm he will be in town next week and I also promised him a warm welcome,” lawyer Angelo Pisani told Radio Kiss Kiss.

“I also proposed that he could salute Napoli fans at the San Paolo and watch the Coppa Italia Final. He’d be very happy to do that and we are working on it.

“On April 5 there will be a court hearing with regards to the tax bill. Maradona wants to clarify to the Neapolitans and all Italians that he is not a tax-dodger. He was the victim of a sort of conspiracy, an injustice within justice. He wants to be at the hearing to represent the truth to the judges and prove he’s not running away.”

Before then, the Napoli supporters will be shown a special treat on the internet.

“Diego is preparing a video message that he will send me tomorrow or the day after tomorrow in which he’ll explain the situation, his love for Napoli and desire to come back to the city.

“This will be transmitted in a press conference before April 5 in one of the city squares.

“What we can say for certain is that Maradona will be in the stands for the Coppa Italia Final between Napoli and Juventus on May 20.”