Thursday March 29 2012
Milan reply to Barca complaints

Milan have posted a brief statement defending the quality of San Siro’s playing surface, after Barcelona launched an official protest.

The Catalan side complained via the media last night of the poor condition they believed the turf to be in, whilst they also launched an official complaint with the match’s UEFA delegate.

In response to this, the Rossoneri have issued a reply through their official website.

“In reference to the official protest presented to UEFA by FC Barcelona regarding the conditions of the San Siro pitch, AC Milan communicates that:

1) The watering of the field, to be done within one hour prior to the game as agreed in the organisational meeting yesterday morning and per the regulations of the UEFA Champions League in section 14.15, has not been carried out due to the conditions of high humidity on the field.

2) The general conditions of the field, on which FC Barcelona had trained on the night before [pictured above] without raising any questions, have been deemed suitable by both the referee and the delegate from UEFA during their site visit yesterday morning.”