Thursday March 29 2012
UEFA defend Milan against Barca

UEFA’s director of competition assures Barcelona had no reason to lodge a complaint about Milan’s San Siro pitch.

The Spanish side made an official complaint after last night’s 0-0 Champions League draw, claiming the state of the turf was inadequate. Pep Guardiola also insinuated in the media it might’ve been a deliberate ploy to damage their playing style.

“The pitch in Milan is a recurring problem of the microclimate inside that stadium and there is nothing more the two clubs can do,” UEFA representative Giorgio Marchetti told

“Inter and Milan try to get through the problem by re-laying the turf, but many games are consequently played in less than ideal conditions.

“Having said that, the Stadio Meazza playing surface was acceptable. It’s only normal that there is a difference between acceptable and ideal.

“Everyone already knows about this problem and I don’t know if it can be resolved quickly. Adriano Galliani spoke about a new type of surface, but it’s not up to us to say which is best for the stadium.

“The more games are played, the more the pitch is broken up. In Amsterdam, for example, they resolved their problem, but it’s difficult to find a definitive solution here.”

The San Siro pitch has been a constant problem ever since the third tier and roof of the stadium were built for the 1990 World Cup.

Air does not circulate adequately and the grass doesn’t grow, so Milan and Inter pay large sums of money to ship turf in from Holland every few weeks and re-lay the playing surface.

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