Sunday April 1 2012
Marchese: 'Milan didn't score'

Catania defender Giovanni Marchese insists Robinho’s shot did not cross the line, despite Milan’s protestations.

The Rossoneri were furious when he cleared this effort during Saturday’s 1-1 draw, as they felt it had already gone over.

“Milan claim it was a goal? Absolutely not,” assured Marchese. “I was on the trajectory and was able to prevent it completely crossing the line.

“It’s true that in part the ball went in, but not entirely, so it is not a goal. We played well against the Serie A leaders and I must underline a great performance from our goalkeeper, Juan Pablo Carrizo.”

Even replays and zoomed-in footage do not entirely clarify whether the ball had completely crossed over, as even a few millimetres on the line would prevent it from being a goal.

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