Tuesday April 3 2012
Cagliari ease stadium storm

Cagliari have looked to calm the waters of controversy following their decision to move their next home game to a different stadium.

As a result of continued struggles with their local council authorities with regards renovating the Stadio Sant’Elia, Cagliari requested that Week 31’s home fixture with Inter was moved to the Nereo Rocco stadium in Trieste, 600 miles north of Sardinia.

The League confirmed that permission for this request had been granted yesterday, prompting Cagliari’s council to describe the club’s behaviour as ‘unacceptable’.

However, in a long statement released today, the club have looked to resolve the situation and acknowledged that the weekend’s switch is not a long-term solution.

“We hear the responses, talking of a controversy that we believe has no reason to exist,” began the statement published on the club’s website.

“Like all companies that are respected, and we believe to be, we just worked towards getting away from an atmosphere of uncertainty that recently we were forced to work under.

“We have acted at our own expense in the way we have estimated to be the best, as previously we did in 2004 when we obtained the approval on the Sant’Elia to install the as ugly as you can think but evidently successful, with two of the stands still in use.

“We go to Trieste, of course not forever - it costs a lot to the club in terms of adjustment, preparation, logistics and organisation. In Trieste we have found collaboration and hospitality no less than we found seven years ago.

“How we operate is how we believe to be best for Cagliari, both now and in the future. Knowing and appreciating the city mayor, we know he is operating and will operate for the better in an effort to bolster the increasingly cumbersome stadium affair.”

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