Tuesday April 3 2012
Ambrosini blasts Barca penalty

Massimo Ambrosini says Milan go out of the Champions League “without regrets,” but criticised the referee for the second Barcelona penalty.

“It was a game where we didn’t start well, then were able to fight back and it was balanced. I don’t know what happened with that penalty,” said the captain after a 3-1 quarter-final defeat.

“Barcelona played better and we didn’t do enough in the second half, but we did give them a battle.”

Ambrosini was angry about the second spot-kick, which was awarded for an Alessandro Nesta shirt tug on Sergio Busquets while being in turn fouled by Carles Puyol.

“In every level and on every corner things happen, but the interpretation changes from referee to referee. There is no uniformity.

“It takes some courage to make such an important decision in a tie like this. There are always going to be some tugs on set plays and always have been.

“We knew Barcelona are the strongest team in the world. We leave without regrets and there were differences between the teams over the two legs, but not all that much.”

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