Wednesday April 4 2012
Mou aid: 'Milan penalised in Barcelona!'

Jose Mourinho sent out a message in support of Milan, who were “the latest club to be penalised against Barcelona.”

Real Madrid manager Mourinho has for many years carried on a high-profile media war of words with the Blaugrana, accusing them of receiving special treatment from referees in Spain and especially Europe.

“Every year we learn new things,” Mou’s spokesman Eladio Paramés wrote on Twitter. “For instance, now we know that you can blow the whistle for a penalty before the ball comes into play.

“Chelsea, Inter, Arsenal, Real Madrid and Milan have all been penalised. At least now we know who is going to win the Champions League!”

He was referring to the second controversial spot-kick awarded to Barcelona in last night’s 3-1 Champions League quarter-final win over Milan.

Alessandro Nesta was penalised for tugging Sergio Busquets’ shirt while simultaneously hauled back by Carles Puyol and possibly before the corner had actually been taken.