Friday April 6 2012
Stramaccioni not looking at table

Inter Coach Andrea Stramaccioni is taking Inter’s final eight games of the season on a match-by-match basis, forgetting the table and its targets.

Currently sat seventh in the table, the Nerazzurri still have an outside chance of pushing for the Champions League, as they sit just six points behind Lazio in third.

However, even as they find themselves more realistically just a point behind sixth place, which stands to be enough to secure Europa League football for next term, Stramaccioni isn’t thinking about the table.

“I don't need to tell you about the quality we have here, but we must look at the present,” the young Coach told gathered journalists on Friday.  

“Today I'm not interested in the League table, I'm focusing on one match at a time. We mustn't be distracted by making plans or calculations, we're working from one game to the next and all that matters today is Cagliari vs. Inter.

“It might be a cliché but this match is like a final - we must prepare for it as if it were one.”

The team travel to Trieste to face Sardinians Cagliari, after the Rossoblu’s decision to move the fixture from their traditional home. Ahead of the unconventional away game, Stramaccioni reflected on how preparations have gone.

“In terms of preparing for this game the difficulties we've had during the second week were similar to the ones we encountered in the first week

“The positive thing is that we've started a working philosophy, a working project, with ideas that I introduced on the pitch from day one.

“The fact we started with a win is also positive. The players have shown the right enthusiasm but we haven't done anything yet. Tomorrow we have the chance to repeat the good things we did in the first game. I hope to see progression in our work - I start with an idea in mind and I try to perfect it day by day.”

Stramaccioni reflected on the short amount of time he has been working with the squad.

“In football the future is today, but not only for someone in my situation. The lads and I aren't interested in the future in the normal sense of the word, only in tomorrow's game.

“No-one, and I include myself in that, can expect to influence the team in just a few days, but [last] Sunday Inter played very well in the first half, showing a positive attitude, and we've been working this week with the aim of being consistent.

“We'll find out how well we've worked when we step onto the pitch tomorrow.

“I don't know whether there was enthusiasm before but if the lads say they're enthusiastic now that can only make me happy.

“All I've done is take onto the pitch the things I know how to do. The secret is simple: work, work, work. More action with less talk.”

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