Saturday April 7 2012
Lazio teen 'in irreversible coma'

Lazio are stunned after medics confirmed 17-year-old defender Mirko Fersini is in “an irreversible coma” after an accident on his scooter.

The right-back lost control of the scooter when trying to avoid a hole in the road and crashed into a large metal bin on Good Friday, but the helmet came off in the accident. It is common in Italy for teenagers to wear a helmet in order to avoid a fine, but not tie the strap under their chins.

Medics have now stated that he suffered multiple cranial fractures and bleeding on the brain, which make this an irreversible coma. It is believed his parents are ready to give the go-ahead for organ transplants.

Fersini had played all 21 of his games for the Allievi Nazionali youth team this season. His teammates, Coach Simone Inzaghi and President Claudio Lotito all visited his bedside at the San Camillo hospital.

“He’s such a lovely lad and a great talent. He had grown so much and was going to be called up to the Italy squad,” said Inzaghi.

“I just can’t explain it. We will try to keep going this season for him, but I hope he will return to us. I don’t want to believe it’s over.”