Saturday April 14 2012
Zanetti: 'Right to call off games'

Inter captain Javier Zanetti was “truly shocked” by Piermario Morosini’s death and confirms it was the right decision to call off all the games.

The FIGC has cancelled all matches this weekend as a sign of mourning after 25-year-old midfielder Morosini collapsed during a Pescara-Livorno Serie B match.

He was owned by Udinese and only left on loan in January, so his teammates were particularly stunned ahead of tonight’s planned game with Inter.

“We are truly shocked by what happened to Morosini,” said Inter captain Zanetti in a statement.

“We are all struck deeply. Something incredible happened and it was clearly the right decision to call off the games.

“On behalf of all my teammates, our thoughts and embraces go to his loved ones.”