Saturday April 14 2012
'Destiny' took Morosini

Livorno President Aldo Spinelli and Lecce Coach Serse Cosmi both felt it was “destiny” that took Piermario Morosini.

The 25-year-old midfielder collapsed during today’s Pescara-Livorno Serie B match and was dead on arrival at the hospital. It is currently not clear whether the cause was a heart attack or aneurysm.

“We are all shaken to the core,” said Spinelli, whose squad was at the hospital when news came through he had not been revived.

“It is such a tough moment for us and we must try to come out of it together. We must find courage, but right now everyone is in a haze of confusion. Unfortunately, there was nothing to be done against destiny.”

Morosini had a tragic life blighted by losing both parents at a young age, then recently his little brother committed suicide, while other family members have handicaps.

“Life forced him to confront things that were larger than him,” said Lecce Coach Cosmi, who gave Morosini his Serie A debut for Udinese against Inter on October 23 2005.

“Destiny took him to be reunited with his family, this poor tragic family that had no luck at all. The only positive thing I can think of is that he might now be happy to be with them again.”

The midfielder grew up in the Atalanta youth academy and was an Under-21 Italy international.

“I was his roommate for two years and he was a fantastic person,” explained Atalanta defender Cristian Raimondi.

“I am not surprised by all the kind things people have said about him, as nobody could have a bad word about him. He had so many sad moments in his life, but never let you see them affect him.”