Sunday April 15 2012
Prandelli get-together scrapped

The changes to the Serie A fixture list mean Italy’s get-together will be scrapped. “It doesn’t matter,” noted Cesare Prandelli.

All games were suspended due to the tragic death of Piermario Morosini, so it is likely Week 33 fixtures will be moved to next weekend and the Week 34 matches played on Wednesday April 25.

As it is the same day as the Champions League quarter-finals, the UEFA rules impose kick-off is not simultaneous, so they’d have to be early games.

April 23-24 was to be the only time available for Italy Coach Prandelli’s pre-Euro 2012 get-together, so that may well be cancelled too.

“I am shocked. I say that the Federation had the right reaction of great sensibility in cancelling all the games,” said Prandelli.

“It is a sign that I absolutely share. On the contrary, seeing the tragic images from Pescara on television followed by the goals and celebrations would’ve given me chills.

“If I don’t have room for my Italy get-together? It doesn’t matter, it really doesn’t matter...”

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