Sunday April 15 2012
Morosini 'just wanted happiness'

The agent of Piermario Morosini told of his tragic life and death. “He just wanted a little happiness, but yesterday he was told it wasn’t possible.”

The 25-year-old midfielder collapsed during the Pescara-Livorno Serie B match. He had lost both parents before turning 18 and his brother committed suicide.

“He was a young man who suffered so much and just wanted a little happiness, but yesterday he was told it wasn’t possible,” said agent Ernesto Randazzo.

“Such a polite and very sweet person who always spoke quietly, but at the same time knew how to make sure he was respected. He was a special person.”

It is still not clear whether the cause of death was a heart attack or an aneurysm, but the representative confirms scans showed nothing unusual.

“There were no precedents, no injuries in training and he wasn’t even a player who easily picked up knocks. He was in great shape and, seeing as his career was a little inconsistent, he worked hard to improve.”

Meanwhile, former Udinese teammate Emanuele Belardi spoke of his time with Morosini.

“He was like my little brother. He even spent six months living at my house. We kept each other company, because we were alone in Udine with our girlfriends far away and he also had a difficult family situation.

“I can’t think it has finished like this. It’s an absolute tragedy. He never had problems, was very healthy and played between Serie A and B for 10 years.

“Piermario was the most clean-cut boy I ever met, a really wonderful person. I feel like quitting the sport now. I don’t know how I can get over this. I was on the pitch and went back into the locker room when I saw my phone was full of messages.”