Monday April 16 2012
Lotito, Sabatini clash over Baldini

Lazio President Claudio Lotito is in a war of words with Roma’s Walter Sabatini over Franco Baldini’s claim that the League embarrassed itself yesterday.

In the wake of Week 33’s postponement after Piermario Morosini’s death on Saturday afternoon, the Lega Calcio failed to agree on when the round of games would be played instead. The general consensus was to play Week 33 next weekend and move Week 34 to the midweek of April 25.

However, reports alleged that at least five clubs opposed this move, in actions that Giallorosso director general Baldini claimed yesterday were ‘ridiculous’. Baldini’s words prompted Aquile owner Lotito to suggest on Monday that the former England assistant should remain quiet on such affairs.

“These arguments through the media do not serve. If the Lega takes a decision then that will be the decision. The rest is bar talk,” asserted Lotito.

“In the Lega, clubs should only be represented by the Presidents, they are the only ones entitled to speak. The other officials are transient, they are in one club now and in another tomorrow.”

Almost immediately, Baldini’s colleague at Roma, sporting director Sabatini hit back.

“I don’t agree [with Lotito]. For one thing, Baldini has the full and total mandate to represent Roma in all circumstances and for any problem that you can think of.

“He speaks in his own right and whatever he said must be taken fairly and properly because it also expresses the thoughts of Roma.

“If we have suspended the League out of respect for the memory of a young boy who lost his life on a football field, then we should not be fighting over the dates and times of games.”