Wednesday April 18 2012
Bonera: 'Break good for Milan'

Daniele Bonera believes Milan will be back on the ball after a week’s break in fixtures and ready to fight Juventus for the Scudetto.

Last week’s Serie A games were postponed due to the death of Piermario Morosini, the decision coming just 30 minutes before the Rossoneri were set to kick off against Genoa.

“Now quite a few players are starting to come back from injury. We are ready for the next games,” he told

“From the start of the season we realised something had changed at Juventus, as Antonio Conte has given them the grit they had lost in recent years. They were coming off difficult campaigns and started from scratch.

“But we will not forget what Milan have done over the past two years. If we look at the number of points we have notched up in two seasons, it’s exceptional.

“No games are easy and we proved that with our home defeat to Fiorentina. The break has allowed many of our players to catch a breath and do personalised work in training, which we hadn’t been able to do in the past month with three games a week.

“We have everything that is needed for these final six matches to prove decisive in our favour.

“Who is the toughest striker to mark in Serie A? Zlatan Ibrahimovic, which is why I am happy he is on my side!

“As for opposition defenders, I really admire Andrea Barzagli. He’s had a great season at Juventus and I like his attitude, as he never stirs up trouble and always gives his contribution.”

Bonera has played more than he did last term, partly because the many injuries allowed him to take centre-back and full-back roles.

“In recent years I’d have two days of training and spend the next two on the treatment table, but this time I feel more confident. I’m happy to be versatile, because it’s important for a Coach to have players who can take on different positions.”

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