Friday April 20 2012
Galliani denies Allegri-Silvio rift

Adriano Galliani has denied rumours of a poor relationship between Milan President Silvio Berlusconi and Coach Massimiliano Allegri.

Reports in recent weeks have suggested that Berlusconi is considering Allegri’s future at the club in light of not liking the way the Coach has run training or is fielding the team on the pitch.

However, Vice-President Galliani believes there is no disagreement between the pair and that discussions between them are only natural and fair.

“The relationship between Berlusconi and Allegri has always been peaceful,” he told reporters on Friday.

“I believe that a President has if not the right then at least the duty to give his opinion to his Coach.

“God forbid what would happen if he didn’t. Again, the relationship between the two has always been serene.”