Friday April 20 2012
Brocchi: 'I won't retire'

Cristian Brocchi is out for the rest of the season, but the Lazio veteran insists he “will not retire yet. I still want to play in the Champions League.”

The midfielder had been on the road to recovery after the right foot injury he suffered in November, but a relapse has forced him to be on the treatment table for another three months.

“I am truly disappointed to learn from the German specialists that I’ll be out for three months,” Brocchi told Lazio Style Radio.

“I will stay in Rome this month to stay close to the team and do specific work with a personal physiotherapist. I won’t be able to run, so need different training techniques.

“In any case, I am happy that the lesions were not more serious, as they could’ve compromised my career. I still want to play in the Champions League, a competition I have already won twice.

“I absolutely want to play in it with Lazio, as their jersey is like a second skin for me.”