Sunday April 22 2012
Chaos as Genoa-Siena halted

Genoa's 4-1 defeat to Siena was suspended for 40 minutes when angry ultras demanded the players take off their shirts, as they were “unworthy” of wearing them.

Genoa were losing 4-0 at the 53rd minute when the Marassi crowd halted play by throwing fireworks and climbing on top of the tunnel.

Captain Marco Rossi went to negotiate with the ultras, who demanded the squad remove their jerseys, as they were “unworthy” of wearing the Genoa colours.

After some time, the players accepted and there were tears from Giandomenico Mesto as he handed over his shirt.

Rossi was walking around the pitch with a pile of jerseys to show the fans, but Giuseppe Sculli refused to co-operate.

Sculli went over to speak to the fans himself and insisted with great passion that he was giving his all for Genoa, so would not take off the shirt.

He too was in tears and comforted by the head ultra. This proved a breakthrough and the game was allowed to resume.