Sunday April 22 2012
FIGC: 'Genoa violence unacceptable'

Federation President Giancarlo Abete has warned ultras in Genoa that the “climate of violence is unacceptable. They cannot bow to these people.”

The match with Siena was suspended for 40 minutes today while ultras staged a protest, which was only ended when Marco Rossi, Giuseppe Sculli and Sebastien Frey personally negotiated with the leaders.

They had demanded the players remove their jerseys, as they were “unworthy” of wearing the Genoa colours. The squad had acquiesced except for Sculli, who argued his case in tears.

“The climate of violence in Genoa was unacceptable,” slammed FIGC President Abete on RAI Sport.

“I personally would not call these figures fans. They cannot think of conditioning the progress of games with impunity. Sculli did very well in refusing to remove his jersey, as we cannot bow down to these people.

“The faces of these figures were caught on camera and they will not be allowed back into a football stadium ever again.

“What we saw in Genoa shows that some believe the stadium is like an arena. What more can the Federation do? The laws on public order offences exist and simply need to be implemented.

“It’s particularly galling that it occurred in Genoa after the incidents of Italy-Serbia.”

That Euro 2012 qualifier was abandoned a few minutes after kick-off in September 2010 when Serbian hooligans cut through protective nets and smashed down Plexiglas walls at Marassi

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