Sunday April 22 2012
'Ultras think they own football'

AIC President Damiano Tommasi warns “the ultras think they are the owners of football. The jersey ransom is unacceptable.”

Today’s Genoa-Siena match was suspended for 40 minutes when fans staged a protest, demanding the home team remove their shirts because they were “unworthy” of them.

“The ultras think they are the owners of football,” said the President of the Italian Players’ Association.

“It is not just an issue of fireworks and smokebombs, but the jersey ransom is unacceptable. Perhaps these were the same fans who forced Omar Milanetto out of the club last year.

“I ask why those ultras remained in the stadium when the players were forced to leave? Something is very wrong. I am not judging, but rather asking questions.

“I am sure someone will tell me it’s an issue of public safety, but they said the same thing when the Serbian hooligans smashed up Marassi.”

The Euro 2012 qualifier between Italy and Serbia was abandoned after a few minutes in September 2010 when visiting hooligans broke down security fences and Plexiglas walls.

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