Friday April 27 2012
Mangia denies Lazio and Genoa talk

Devis Mangia has denied reports that he’s been approached by Lazio and Genoa ahead of the 2012-13 campaign.

“I’ve not had any contact,” the 37-year-old tactician told Radio Mana Mana. “Not with Lazio or with Genoa.”

Mangia was given his first job in the summer when he was promoted from Palermo’s Primavera squad to take over the first team following the axing of Stefano Pioli.

The Coach did impress at times, but he was sacked by President Maurizio Zamparini in December after six wins, two draws and seven losses from 15 games.

“If a club contacted me then it wouldn’t matter whether they were in Serie A or Serie B,” Mangia continued.

“So long as the club’s ideas are clear then it would not make a difference what Division they were in. All that is needed is unity between club, Coach and squad.”