Friday April 27 2012
Aquilani set for Liverpool return

The father of Alberto Aquilani expects Milan to send the midfielder back to Liverpool at the end of the campaign.

The player joined the club on loan last summer with a clause that the Italian club would be forced to sign him outright should he play in 25 League games.

The 27-year-old is currently stuck on 21 Serie A ties and there are just four matches left in the season.

“I don’t think that Milan will decide to sign him outright, otherwise they would have done it by now,” Claudio Aquilani told TMW on Friday afternoon.

“I think he’ll return to Liverpool, but Alberto has always been settled in England.”

The Roman joined the Anfield outfit in the summer of 2009 from Roma, but he struggled with form and fitness.

He spent the 2010-11 season on loan at Juventus, but the Turin giants decided against keeping him outright as well last summer.