Friday April 27 2012
Totti backs Roma and LE

Francesco Totti has provided some timely words of support for his Coach Luis Enrique and the project Roma are trying to build.

Under Thomas Di Benedetto’s ownership, the Giallorossi have set about developing a new approach to running the club and, in bringing Spaniard Enrique in last summer, trying to change the team’s playing style too.

However, in light of recent results, pressure is mounting on Enrique’s position at the club, with a split at the end of the season reportedly looking increasingly likely.

Even so, Totti, speaking to the club’s official magazine this month, has expressed his support for what Enrique and his club are trying to do.

“The American owners want to do big things, they have invested heavily and I am proud to be part of the project that we talk about so much,” he told La Roma’s latest edition, due out tomorrow.

“The new directors seem determined to make this club great. [Franco] Baldini is a great leader and he wants to win. [Walter] Sabatini is a constant presence in the dressing room.

“Meanwhile, the Coach is a particular person, a loyal and honest man, he says what he thinks in his mind.

“You can calmly tell him what you think and he accepts everything, it is normal that first he listens and then we carry out the ideas.

“He is a person you can rely on forever.”