Sunday April 29 2012
Enrique: 'Never under the Curva'

Roma ultras have promised to bring a fiery protest to the training ground today Luis Enrique reiterates “you will never see me under the Curva.”

The team was jeered when it came out for a pre-match warm-up at the Olimpico on Saturday night and the insults continued after the final whistle of a 2-2 draw with Napoli.

Captain Francesco Totti and some members of his squad went under the Curva Sud to speak to the fans, who urged him to join the criticism of the Coach.

They also demanded a face-to-face meeting with Luis Enrique, something they are likely to want again in today’s training session.

“Francesco made a lovely gesture in going to see the fans,” Luis Enrique told the Corriere dello Sport.

“I did not go because at this moment it would’ve been provoking the supporters. In any case, you will never see me go under the Curva, not even if I should win 10 or 20 games in a row.

“This is something for players. When I was a player, I enjoyed the embrace of the people, but now I am a Coach.”

Rodrigo Taddei also rushed to defend Luis Enrique after the hopes of Champions League qualification evaporated.

“We have an excellent rapport with him and he deserves respect. He is a great man and a great Coach. Unfortunately, when you are forced to win, it’s as if your legs feel heavier.”