Monday April 30 2012
Tare: It was a refereeing error

Sporting director Igli Tare has explained why Lazio players and staff were furious to see Udinese’s second goal allowed on Sunday night.

The Aquile imposed a media silence straight after the game, having fallen to a 2-0 defeat in Udine that included a controversial last-minute goal.

A whistle from the crowd had fooled some of the Lazio and Udinese players into thinking the referee had blown for full-time, only for Roberto Pereyra to continue playing and score into an empty net.

Tare, who came down from the stands to get involved the commotion that followed, explained today why his players were so upset.

“It is clear that there was a technical error to the refereeing,” he told Sky Sport 24.

“Those who know the regulations well will know that there is an article that provides for situations like this, that when a whistle deceives players the game must be stopped.

“The confusion came about because the linesman and the referee did not rule out the goal - initially the referee had said he was cancelling the goal.

“Instead, though, they validated the goal and blew for the end of the game. This is what sparked the fury of our players.”

As a result of their protests at the goal, Lazio have lost Federico Marchetti and Andre Dias to suspension for the rest of the season.