Tuesday May 1 2012
Guidolin has Di Natale doubts

Udinese boss Francesco Guidolin expects Cesena to put up a fight tomorrow and reveals Antonio Di Natale’s participation is in the balance.

“We must approach this game the same way as we did against Lazio, as we need the same spirit,” warned the Coach.

“In order to get results over the last two years, we have always played in this manner and that cannot change for Cesena.

“Don’t forget we are facing a side that in the last week made both Juventus and Inter sweat, so they are a dangerous opponent.”

Mehdi Benatia sits out a ban, while Di Natale, Emmanuel Badu and Damiano Ferronetti are all undergoing treatment.

“I will only make my final decisions tomorrow. When we play so much, injuries are to be expected. We need fresh legs and to forget the victory over Lazio.

“There is a dream to chase and we certainly will not make the mistake of underestimating our opponents.”