Friday May 4 2012
Ljajic father 'will press charges'

Adem Ljajic’s father has stated he will press charges against Delio Rossi after the dugout brawl and insists the player did not insult his family.

“Nobody can beat my son,” Satmir Ljajic told Serbian media. “We are shocked and going to Florence to speak with a lawyer so we can press charges against Delio Rossi.”

Today the former Fiorentina Coach held a press conference in which he hinted Ljajic insulted his family, which is what sparked the attack.

“He did not offend the Coach’s family. He said ‘well done maestro, really good move’ and accompanied it with applause.”

However, it is reported that Ljajic cannot press charges under Italian laws because he did not visit hospital after the attack.