Sunday May 6 2012
Del Piero: 'A special flavour'

Alessandro Del Piero admits this Scudetto “has a special flavour for what happened in 2006” and his final year at Juventus.

“I start every year to win. Sometimes it doesn’t happen – recently a lot – but this repays us with a very special flavour for what happened in 2006,” said the captain.

“My experience here has been wonderful, with great happiness and enthusiasm, embracing my teammates tonight and in all the games whether I played or not. It was a little strange, but right now I only want to smile.

“In a few days we face the Coppa Italia Final, then there will be the time and the place to talk about the rest.”

Del Piero was one of the veterans who accepted the drop down into Serie B in 2006 after Calciopoli.

“I remember everything from our Serie B season, which was wonderful for me and the others who experienced it, even if it started out as traumatic. This is why for me and the others like Gigi Buffon, Claudio Marchisio, etc. who were there have a very special sensation with this title.

“I lived this season to the full and will celebrate it completely. The important thing is to win, so whether it is as a protagonist or not makes little difference. Of course I can say that now as a winner tonight!”

Del Piero was one of the players who was able to give a fairly sober interview after the champagne.

“I have a little experience in these things,” he smiled.