Tuesday May 8 2012
Behrami: 'Rossi lied on Ljajic'

Valon Behrami has accused Fiorentina Coach Delio Rossi of lying about what Adem Ljajic said to spark the attack. “It’s a shame he said things that weren’t true.”

The tactician was fired after physically attacking Ljajic when the player reacted to a substitution. Rossi claimed there was a very harsh insult in Serbian, a language he understands.

“I was sorry for the Coach, because I’d known him at Lazio too,” said Behrami when accepting a fan award today.

“We were all shaken up by the scene with Adem, but the day after Rossi said some things that weren’t true.

“Adem swore to us he never said those things to Rossi, plus the people on the bench didn’t hear anything either, so perhaps Rossi would’ve done better to keep quiet.

“You can emerge from even the biggest mistakes like a great man, but he didn’t do that. It’s a shame that he said things that were not true.

“Mind you, if we managed to make someone like Rossi lose it like that, then as a team we really must be bad.”

Behrami has been one of the only bright lights of this season and committed his future to Fiorentina, but at a price.

“Our season was insufficient and so was mine. Next year we begin again from scratch and will try to achieve something.

“I will stay, that is the intention for me and the club. However, I won’t sign a blank contract, as that’s not in my nature. I want to earn on the field everything I have.”

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