Wednesday May 9 2012
Napoli present new stadium

The Mayor of Naples has presented plans for the new stadium, which will resemble “a shell at the feet of Mount Vesuvius.”

President Aurelio De Laurentiis has repeatedly stated he wants to construct a new arena for the club to replace the San Paolo or at least restructure it.

“For three more years Napoli will play at the San Paolo. Once the new stadium in the Ponticelli area is completed, work will begin on restructuring the San Paolo,” Mayor Luigi De Magistris told Radio Crc.

“The shell at the feet of Mount Vesuvius is a proposal put forward by the council for the construction of a new stadium, an activity I have said I will do from the start of my work as Mayor.

“Finally someone put forward a serious project and it involves the construction of a new arena in the Ponticelli area and a restyling of the San Paolo.

“We want it to be not only a stadium, but a stadium-arena where other than football games it represents a meeting place for youngsters, a cinema, shops and gyms.

“De Laurentiis will participate in the construction of a new stadium, as any project will be made in conjunction with Napoli. In 2014 the contract between the council and Napoli football club expires, so we have to work both on renewing that and ensuring participation in the new stadium.

“In any case, over the next three years the San Paolo will also be improved and renewed, as we are working with De Laurentiis on this. We’ll improve the toilets, pitch-side advertising boards, the pitch and other significant alterations.”

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