Saturday May 12 2012
Montella 'is right man for Roma'

Former Roma teammate Eusebio Di Francesco is confident Vincenzo Montella “is the right man” for the job replacing Luis Enrique.

The Catania Coach has been heavily linked with the Giallorossi bench, which he already had for several months last season.

“I know Montella well and he has done great things in Catania,” said Di Francesco, who was fired by Lecce midway through the campaign.

“He is the right man for the job, has the right character and knows how to communicate with the players. His experience in Sicily has certainly helped him to grow.

“He is the ideal candidate for Roma, who have decided to focus on young tacticians.”

It’s the end of the road for Luis Enrique, who has decided to walk away after just one season at the Olimpico.

“It was a difficult choice, but the one he felt it was opportune to make. Leaving a project in progress is a shame, as he could’ve really renewed Italian football. I liked the Spanish Coach.

“As for me, the important thing is to get back to work, I don’t care if it’s Serie A or B,” he told

“I want a solid club, though I haven’t had any talks yet.”